Life isn’t ever supposed to be simple. We don’t just reach a certain age, a certain position in our careers, or a specific social status that suddenly places us in a destination where we understand all of life’s answers. There isn’t some “secret to life” that will change the course of our journey in the blink of an eye.

I think that’s what scares us most in life – the fear of the unknown.

There are so many unknown in this world. There is constantly so much change, so many moments to experience, that it is terrifying not knowing what the future has in store – whether good or bad. It makes us think endlessly and doubt our purpose. The unknowns in our life pull us back and then they shoot us forward. They send us all over the universe in our heads that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend where we are going, where we will end up, or how the Hell we ended up where we are to begin with.

We’re not supposed to have a map of our life. We’re not supposed to know how things will begin or where they will end. We’re not supposed to know who we’ll fall in love with, at least not right away. We’re also not supposed to have the answers to those questions looming in the back of our brain that keep us up at night.

We all go through this—the indecision, the fear, the anxiety, the loneliness. But we all know that we will not live in this fearful place forever.

Life is full of so many “what-if’s?” 

Even when we feel like the pieces of our life puzzle are fitting together so effortlessly, in the back of our mind there is always wonder. We will always ask ourself all the “what if” questions behind every decision and every situation we find ourself confronted with. That’s the power of uncertainty, it horrifies us and exposes the most vulnerable aspects of our souls.

We’ll never know if the choices we make or the decisions we choose will direct us to what we really want. I think that’s what makes life so exciting. It gives us so many variables and endless experiences that help us find our way back to a part of our being that we may have never known even existed otherwise.

Uncertainty is part of the beautiful journey of life

The reality is that we are never supposed to have all the answers. If we knew everything then we wouldn’t have emotions. We wouldn’t understand what it’s like to feel the spark when you meet someone special or the pain behind the loss of someone impactful. We wouldn’t be able to experience the element of surprise or joy or laughter. Life would be methodical and boring. It wouldn’t be the rollercoaster we know it to be, with the ups and downs, twists and turns. We wouldn’t feel the excitement that the little moments in life bring us or understand the endurance it took for us to get beyond a season of tough moments that shape us into the people we are today.

Life is full of a lust for more satisfaction and we drive ourselves mad each day with the obsession to have things our way. During the process of searching for “the meaning of life” that could bring peace to our mind, there comes a time when we realize that all we really want is to have somewhat of an understanding of whatever is out there that can bring us hope and security.

Without uncertainty, we wouldn’t be able to claim the life we live, with pride and hope for what gets us through each day

Whenever we find ourselves fading from reality, thinking that we’ll never build a concrete future, we tend to forget the potential within us. Things unfold on their own, but we need to remember that it’s still us who has the power to control how we face the outcome. Never let your life be controlled by the inevitable. The unknown will haunt you until the end of your lifetime if you allow it.

We’re all searching, learning, and discovering who we are and where we are meant to be.

Life is supposed to be challenging, confusing, heartbreaking, and breathtaking. It’s supposed to be a plethora of experiences and memories that reflect our personal journey. It’s supposed to be a ride that we jump in, grip the handles tightly, and embrace the twists and the turns – the ups and the downs – the slow climbs and the quick falls.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and silently remind yourself of the person you are, of the incredible strength within you, and begin to piece yourself together again. Embrace the uncertainty that the dawn of tomorrow will bring and have peace with the understanding that whatever that uncertain experience may be will set you in motion for the dusk of that same evening. 



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